Purchasing Document Not Subject To Release Strategy Scheduling Agreement

The process is the same for all purchase documents (RFQ, PR, offer, etc.). Now we have an order that must be released (approved) to be valid for subsequent processing. Purchase Sharing Procedure: Documentation for customizing You can use the CL30 search transaction for an object using the order/order request data. In this regard, it is important that the search for objects defines exactly a strategy. If this is not the case, it indicates that there are overlapping strategies in the system or that the unlocking strategies in the customizing do not match those of the CL24 transaction. See the previous point. If the object search returns more than one result, the system then detects a wrong release strategy or no sharing policy. If you have material planning control (MRP) requirements (EBAN-ESTKZ – `B`) that are subject to a release policy, the system can reset a PReq version when the layout is restarted. In this case, for the corresponding output display (V_161S-FIXBP), you should set “Fix for Material Planning.” Posted by ha_tran (Senior SAPSupply Chain Business Analyst) on Feb 9 at 22:47 Mark this response as usefulMark as useful Hello, you must use ME35K to publish your contract. Cheers, HT 378718 note > symptom: the exit strategy works according to the user. Check the release policy configuration and classification values are managed in CL24N. That is a current attitude. You can cross the cross on PRD and Sanbox.

Step 1) Disclosure of purchase documents must be cancelled so that previously declassified documents can be amended. Hello, you need to add the type of documentWertDetails (OA, Contract) under Features, if you have the type of document is one of your features. ThanksRajesh Kannan Posted by Mr_Her (IT SupportManager)on Feb 9 at 22:41 PM Mark this response as usefulMark as useful Eks for your information, then how to publish the contract-PO? I can`t use me28 neitherme29n as in ordinary PO. Any suggestions? Rgds, Heryanto – By: krajeshsap via sap-log-mm [mailto:sap-log-mm@Groups.ITtoolbox.com] Posted: 08 februari 2010 13:27 Year: Mr_Her Subject: Re: [sap-log-mm] Outliene/contract contract PO – Release Strategy Note 117391 –> from 4.0, for release of order requirements; The release strategy does not work sporadically. Step 2) You will see the list of purchase documents available for the release cancellation.

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