Agreement To Sell Format Uttar Pradesh

10. This Contracting Party No. 1 cannot in the future violate any of the terms of this agreement if it does not have the right to enforce the agreement by a competent court through an action for practical benefit or otherwise at the expense, risks and consequences of Part 1. In light of the above, the contract for the sale of real estate in Uttar Pradesh must be a registered document. Section 49 of the Registration Act, as in Uttar Pradesh after it was amended by the U.P. Act 57 of 1976 provides that no document required by Section 17 or by a provision of the Property Transfer Act of 1882 or any other statute that is currently registered is assigned to all real estate contained in it or that it is received as evidence of a transaction that affects that property, which confers a power or creates such a right or relationship, unless it has been registered. In light of this provision, an unregreged agreement on the sale of real estate as evidence is inadmissible. AND Part 1 recognizes that the amount mentioned by Rs.—————— if the full and final payment in relation to the property in question. The Party No. 1 has represented to Party No. 2 that the aforementioned dwelling is itself acquired if its successor heirs, family members or others do not have the right, title, interest or concern of any kind and as such party No.

1 is fully competent to conclude this agreement and transfer all its rights in favor of party No. 2 under the terms agreed between the parties and are mentioned below:5. This part No. 1 acknowledges liability in the event of charges or in the event of the removal of The Part 1 Allowance, which acknowledges liability for the payment of the amount of the case ——————————————— – with the exception of interest and damages to Part 2 and, in addition to the repayment of the amount of the ace.——————————————————, paid for the sale under the agreement. This sale agreement is executed at this —————— ——— between ——————————, as part 1. AND Sh ——————————-, the following part 2. The expression of Part 1 -2, wherever it appears in the text of this agreement, means that it includes its respective heirs, legal representatives, rights holders, administrators, executors and assignees. While the No. 1 party is the bonafide allottee/owner, who is in possession of a property with the number——————————— – of its bonafid needs and requirements, has agreed to sell the above-mentioned apartment for a sum of Rs.————————— – and the No. 2 party has agreed to buy the apartment mentioned in party No.


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