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ACOM - 600S

Transistor-PA  (600W, 160-6m)

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The Acom 600S is the first and long awaited transistor amplifier by Acom. The amp is characterised by a very high robustness, very easy operation and relatively leight weight. This makes this PA especially useful for DX-peditions and portable operations. The output power is max. 600W on all bands (160 to 6m), all modes, no limitations. The heart of the ACOM-600S are 48V type MOSFET transistors made by Freescale, a type which is made to withstand even some SWR mismatch without problems.

Operation with the ACOM-600S is very simple. Required are just a PTT keying line (negative ground) and HF from the transceiver. An input power of 25 to 30W is sufficient for full output power. The wideband input circuit is designed to offer a flat SWR of 1.2:1 to the transceiver. Band switching is done automatically, the amplifier senses the input frequency. Numerous security checks prevent operation in case of an error. The last 28 incidents are logged with many data points for later diagnosis.

The large colour LC display shows all important data at a glance: output power, reflected power, temperature, band and much more. Settings are controlled with a clearly arranged menu system and six push buttons below the display. A CAT/AUX interface can be used optionally for communication with the transceiver. All usual transceiver CAT systems and protocol types are supported. Additionally a seria lRS-22 interface can be used for remote control.

The power supply shows the focus Acom has put on international use of the amplifier ACOM-600S. The power supply is suitable for all AC voltages from 85 to 132 and 170 to 265V. The inrush current is limited automatically, a very good power factor correction (PFC) is used to fullfill inuterbational industry standards. Together with the automatic adaption to varying input voltages this makes the amplifier very well suited for use with power generators, changing input voltages etc. The ACOM-600S does not provide an automatic tuner. Up to an SWR of 2:1 the amp will work without trouble, up to an SWR of 3:1 only with reduced power and above 3:1 it will switch off with an error message.

Technical Data Acom-600S Amplifier
Frequency Range 1.8 - 54 MHz
Output Power 600W ±0.5dB, PEP or CW
Input Power c. 25-30 Watt
Amplification typ. 14dB ± 1dB
Intermodulation (IMD3) > 28dB (typ. 30dB)
Spurious Transmissions supression > 60dB (typ. 65dB)
HF connectors SO-239 (PL), 50 Ω
Input SWR < 1:1.2 (typ. 1:1.1)
Max. allowed SWR at output 1:3 with reduced power,
1:1.5 at full power
Supply Voltage 85-132VAC, 170-265VAC,
45-66 Hz, single phase
Power Consumption (Operation) typ. 1500VA, PFC ≥ 0.95;
Power Consumption (Stand-By) ≤ 1VA
Temperature Range -10° – +40°C
max. allowed humidity 95% @ 35°C
Size 330 × 165 × 380 mm
Weight 12 kg