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Tascam 202 mk VII

Dobbel kassettspiller i syvende generasjon (rackmonterbar med avtagbare rack-ører) fra Tascam.

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6 275,24 kr

Retro-modern and built to last! Building on TASCAM's long history of providing professional quality cassette decks, the TASCAM 202mkVII dual cassette deck is ideal for professional studios, houses of worship, audio/music enthusiasts and more. And to bridge the gap bewteen the analog and digital worlds, the 202mkVII adds USB conversion for easy digital archiving of your favorite tapes.

Dual Cassette Transport 

The dual twin-head decks can each be used for recording or playback, or can be used together. Recording and playback is supported on both decks. Additionally, TAPE 1 has pitch control and TAPE 2 has an RTZ (Return to Zero: return the counter to 0000) function.

Parallel Recording Feature

The parallel recording function for TAPE 1 and 2 records audio to both decks simultaneously, creating two tapes with the same source. A master tape and a copy for distribution can be created simultaneously when immediate distribution is needed after recording, skipping the need for duplicating the master tape.

One-touch Dubbing

Dubbing the contents of one tape to the other is available at the touch of a button.

USB recording

Connect your casssett player to the pc for easy recording of music from the pc to tape or from tape to pc.