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Kenwood - TS- 890s

HF  / 50MHz / 70MHz transiver

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  • Kenwood TS-890S Features
  • All shortwave bands incl. 60m, + 6m + 4m
  • Exceptional strong large signal handling capabilities by H mode mixer and low phase noise LO
  • Large 7 inch LC display, partially with touch function
  • 4 selectable roofing filters from 15 kHz to 500 Hz
  • Optional fifth roofing filter with 270 Hz available
  • Independant Digital receiver for fast and wide waterfall display
  • Super fast IF DSP for accurate control of the AGC loop
  • Many AF filter options like Notch, Peak, noise reduction, noise blanker and much more
  • Solid PA with 100W output power for frequencies up to 54 MHz, 50W on 70 MHz
  • Built-in automatic tuner 16.7 – 150 Ω
  • Built-in TCXO with ± 0.1 ppm stability
  • Built-in CW decoder, transmit with external USB keyboard, or with built-in keyer for straight or paddle key
  • Built-in RTTY and PSK-31/PSK-63 decoder, transmit with external USB keyboard
  • Digimode interface via USB port and LAN interface
  • Remote control capability via LAN interface
  • Free ARCP-890 Software for remote control
  • 1GB of memory for up to 9 hours recording of a received signal, een more with an external USB memory stick
  • 120 memories for often used frequencies
  • Three programmable function keys
  • Voice annoucnements capability built-in
  • DVI-I connector for external screen
  • and much more…
  • Included in shipment
  • TS-890S Transceiver
  • MC-43S Handheld microphone
  • Power cable for 13.8V power supply
  • Various conectors (7p DIN, 13p DIN)
  • Variosu spare fuses
  • User manual